On the Same Page & Random Characters


Book of Life. Photo from http://www.bitrebels.com.

Life is funny. Literally. Don’t you think? When I’m sipping on some amazing Italian white wine or daydreaming in the shower, I often reflect on the people that have been in my life or the ones currently in it. Have you ever had those amazingly awesome people cross your path, and they are so fun. Gosh they are fun. They are that cooky kind, like Johnny Depp, and you never want them to leave. Well, hell, I wouldn’t want him to leave, lol. Then there are the people who have perplexed you or eventually made you want to tear your hair out, or at least that is the feeling you originally have before you can step back and appreciate the lessons. Then, dear God, there are the off-the-wall, “I have anger issues” kind of people that probably would go well in a Tim Burton piece. There’s the one dayers, weekers, monthers, and the “oh hey, thank you for opening the door” – ers.


Characters in your book of life. Photo from http://www.scriptmag.com.

Some of these people have continuously played a part in my Book of Life – some are at a steady word count with me – on the same page. Some tend to race ahead, others gracefully doze off, and some just give the fuck up in the middle of a storyline. I think, Well, hey, there’s always the next chapter. I wonder what kind of climax there will be there… I’m constantly turning to new chapters and I’m seeing new characters, while a few that I thought would continue on the same page have been wacked off by the author. But you never know… The writer might be twisted enough to reintroduce an old character later on to thicken the plot.


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