Thoughts on the Sacred Merkaba in Sky, July 29, 2013


The Merkaba, Star of David, sacred geometry. Photo from

Many of you (from the spiritual, astrology, & metaphysics communities at least) know that today marks an incredible event – the sacred geometrical shape of the Merkaba (i.e. Star of David) formed in the sky. I am completely fascinated for a few reasons – I started research on the Merkaba (also known as the light body vehicle) last October, but had to put a pause to my studies when I was offered a full-time position at a middle school. I had a theory – that the Merkaba was our energy field and we could use it to travel – and I was collecting sources from various faiths that mentioned the Merkaba, in their own language/wording of course. Because of the event today, I was able to resume research a few days ago, and I am extremely happy to see other articles and blogs that echo my personal thoughts. I personally like to experience some things first before I back it up with research, but sometimes the opposite happens. I will fall upon a theory or hear an opinion of another person, research it a little bit and down the road I end up having an experience that causes me to believe in the idea as well.


I’m also excited about this astrological lineup because everytime there are alignments with strong energies, I tend to develop or rediscover certain gifts. Since the events in November and in December of 2012, I have been having visions, I can see what many Starseeds refer to as “shining/glittering/spirit particles,” and the newest gifts are lucid dreaming and better communication with my Guides. All of this fills me with so much Love, hope, and desire to continue on my spiritual journey and to continue to fulfill my purpose here. Already I feel confident that I, along with other receptive Lightworkers, will be further informed and blessed. I feel like it is all about staying centered and staying open to embrace whatever is given.


One fun fact I want to mention is that one trine is of Water and the other trine is of Earth. I find this so fascinating. Water is about fluidity, going with the flow, restoration and rejuvenation. Earth is about grounding, practicality and determination (in my opinion). The two combined create a lovely balance of the spiritual and physical. Unity, ebb & flow, creativity, growth/creation and stability. This is my take on the union of the two trines.

Today isn’t about one session of meditation. No… Today, for me, is about being aware in every moment, staying grateful, focusing on my intentions, and listening to any guidance I may receive.

I pray that every single person is blessed today. ॐNamasteॐ



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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Sacred Merkaba in Sky, July 29, 2013

  1. Sheldon Renee Widuch says:

    I found a star of david (grand sextile) in a relationship composite chart between me and Johnny Depp during the planetary alignment after having a dream about him and he told me to do our chart……. and was wondering is this a common thing to find? Then on the synastry we have sun conjunct our north node going both ways….very facinating.


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