For Tio Artie

by Trina Otero


Tio Artie on the left and Tio Louis on the right 🙂

Familia: I did write this from my point of view and my beliefs, and it’s from the heart. This is intended to express what I believe AND to bring comfort (I hope).

So here’s the deal. My uncle’s heart abruptly stopped (I believe) and he went into a coma. My facts may not be completely correct because I’m getting the news from the family grapevine since I’m in Europe right now. Either way, he is in the hospital in a coma.

No, no, I’m actually not sad. BUT I have been feeling waves of energy since this all happened. I’m an empath, so this is normal to me. I feel burdened because my family is stressed, sad, and hoping he will wake up. I don’t want my family to feel down like this. Who wants to see their family hurting?

I noticed that those on this side of the line (in the physical world) feel alot of pain when a family member is about to “pass away” or already has passed. From my experience, observations, and research, this type of reaction is usually because we think our loved one is in pain, right? Because we don’t want them to leave us, right? Because we don’t understand why this is even happening. It’s all about confusion. The unknown. Regrets.


I thank “God” and my Angels for their guidance along my spiritual journey, because I have a deeper understanding of Life, why we are here and what happens when we “leave.” I am not afraid. I never was, for some strange reason. And right now, I have no fear for my Tio (uncle in Spanish). I understand that everything happens for a reason, everything in life serves a purpose. Either my uncle has served his purposes and his soul is ready to move on; he is serving a purpose now; or he was interrupted before he could serve his purposes (but he will still have chances to complete them). One thing I know for certain – my Tio is not dead. He is still alive and will always be. Life – Never – Ends. We are energy, my Loves.

I just finished meditating about all this, and I told my uncle that we love him. All of us. No matter how much or little we know him. No matter the distances or the time. He is surrounded by Love. I told him to follow the path he knows he needs to follow. To listen to his Angels, they will guide him. Not to be afraid. He is surrounded by Love. Hell, I know he had a hard life. Alot of us have, and I hope that he learned what he needed to, to surpass those lessons so he can continue to evolve. I have no wants from all of this – I’d love for Tio to wake back up and that’d give me a chance to know him better – but I honestly want what is best for his Highest Good. For his Soul Evolution. This is what matters (in my opinion/belief).

If my uncle wakes up I will be very excited for him and all of us! I know his temporary state in between planes will have served a greater purpose. It already has. My family has reunited after many, many years, and unfortunately I could not be there to help support or throw back shots of alcohol (yeah guys, I totally saw the fotos). I know that Tio will be forever changed if he wakes up. I know right now he is being shown things, being taught things.


If my uncle does not wake up and if his Earthly body stops breathing, his soul and spirit live on. I know he is still alive just in a different form (a horrible analogy would be how ice changes state when it melts and then evaporates). In my beliefs, my uncle will return to Earth again if he needs to or chooses to (i.e. reincarnation). Maybe he will choose to stay in the spiritual realm for awhile, I’m not sure. This realm I’m still learning things. Either way, I’m happy for him and I send him my Love, my Light, and blessings. I know he is forever guided.

I hope that my family can find some peace within themselves whether he stays or not. I want this experience to make everyone wiser and stronger – I don’t want anyone to break down. My family is strong, I have faith in all of us. To my uncle’s children, I want to say that I love you, I send you my loving energy. I know you are strong and you will continue to be strong. Don’t ever feel disheartened or lose hope. I am not sure what will happen (if he will wake up or move on) but I urge you to keep faith and keep yourself full of positive energy. I know he wants that from all of us. To Mami, mis tios and tias – I’m so sorry that you guys have to experience the feeling of all this. I know you all have had your differences and drama (who doesn’t), but Tio loves all of you. I’d encourage you all to use this situation as a catalyst to reignite the Love and connection that has been lost for years. You guys should know what I’m referring to. To mis abuelos – what can I say? I know you two don’t like the feeling knowing one of your children is in the hospital like this. He knows you love him. I send you my Love too. Use this experience as a catalyst as well, because Family is important. To my cousins – guys you all are tough. As in, soldiers. You guys come together and support one another and I’ve always loved this about us despite our living distance. I’m proud that you all have been supporting the girls and everyone else. I love you. I love all of you.

To Tio, I love you. I didn’t get to know you as well as some of my other cousins, but I understand everything is for a reason. I have no regrets. I do hope that we can be closer regardless of your decision. We all love you. We have all been praying for you. You are surrounded by so much Love and Light. Trust in your Guides, they are with you to help you. No matter how this pans out, I hope to hear from you again.


6 thoughts on “For Tio Artie

  1. Jas says:

    This hits home. I’m coming to terms with losing my Tio Elias a week ago. In a selfish way I wish I had stayed in touch with him more. Like you said, everything happens for a reason, exactly as it should. I also know he is always with me. Thank you for this article.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Akosmopolite says:

      Hi Jas, how wild. I just updated this post this morning… so wild it would somehow make it to you. I’m happy it made it to you during this time. 💙 I am praying there is peace with you and your family.


  2. Erica Quinones says:

    Hey prima just so you know i read this everyday to remind of his purpose and it helps me get through this tough time… So thank you XOXO


  3. Julissa Rivera - Valoy says:

    Hi Trina am Erica and Crystal’s aunt. They are blessed to have such a wonderfully insightful young lady as yourself to be their cousin. Your words are beautiful and summed up what I tried to tell Erica. Thank you and I hope the read this over and over and understand. Not sure if I ever got to meet you as a child. But you are a blessing to the Quinones as are my nieces. Thank you.


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