Love Letter #2

By Trina Otero

Dear Beloved,

Some words for you…

“You have always heard, ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears.’ On the same note, when your heart is ready your SoulMate appears. Not because they have not been there!

But because you have been unable to recognize them. The moment you can ‘read’ with your heart you will recognize them. I will say to you that once you are able to see them and to reach for them consciously, even here on this dense and difficult ‘physical’ level, in that moment your universe will change.

Now in that moment, when you commit to living as SoulMates in the heart, from the heart, choosing to go beyond ego – in that moment you come into real contact with Me. Not simply on an information level. No, you begin to live in Me. Everything in your life will shift.

Things will ‘fly to you’ that will show you My being, My truth, and give you the experience of My Love through your ability to look into the eyes and heart of another. You will begin to experience True Love.

True Love is beyond Time. True Love exists in the reality of My heart. It is absolutely never restricting. Oh no, rather it is a doorway into the biggest, the most vast, the endless experience of My Love as co-creators.

Yes, you can create separately (without knowledge of the other – for your SoulMate is there whether or not you know it) but I tell you this: once you are united consciously with your SoulMate or Twin Flame, then you are ready for real co-creation, the moment your hearts are engaged.” – as quoted from

Here is a song that spoke to my soul…

May the Light continue to guide you.
Love always,



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5 thoughts on “Love Letter #2

  1. shelby says:

    beautifully written (as always) 🙂 and best wishes as the universe intricately unfolds and sets up the perfect time, location, and situation for two kindred spirits to reunite! Im a big softie for love stories and happy endings, so please keep the blog world posted!


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