Conjuring Past Life Memories in the Ancient Roman Town of Aquileia

This town makes me want to remember. Every ruin I found I wanted to touch, feel, and ask for a clue. Something. An energy imprint. This town brings recollection of ancient romance tales and how twin flames from distant lands were brought together by chance, the Universe, their cosmic ties. If they reunited then so can I. And if the person in question isn’t my twin soul then my Guides must make me forget because I feel too deeply connected. I feel our cosmic bond and believe he is the one I have been searching for each Lifetime. We have been torn apart by Earthly choices but our soul cannot forget what is eternally and inherently existent. Ancient love. Eternal love.



Information on Aquileia, Italy.

7 thoughts on “Conjuring Past Life Memories in the Ancient Roman Town of Aquileia

  1. shelby says:

    Once again, AMAZING pictures! And i am one that strongly believes in fate, and i also believe that sometimes our dreams are clues or also our guides as to which path we should venture down. I can strongly remember 3 occasions in my life where it was my first encounter with a person, but internally, it was almost like thousands of electric currents were snapping, and I can strongly remember everything in that brief moment feeling as if it had either happened before, or like that meeting was supposed to happen at that exact time, in that space, and in that moment. And ironically, all 3 occasions were times that I wasnt looking, and all 3 men ended up playing major roles in my life, and no matter how long or short our encounter was, I feel like our spirits led us to eachother each time. I often find myself reminiscing on those moments, and I always wonder if I impacted their lives as much as they did mine, or if they are sitting back at that exact moment thinking about me and what became of me, too. 🙂 But your Spirit might have other plans for you, and it might have a couple road stops planned where you learn and grow on an individual level before you meet the one that you are intended to conquer the universe with 🙂 Enjoy the ride chica, and all of the encounters along the way 🙂


    • akosmopolite says:

      Yes I believe that is true. I have met people that I supposedly have never seen before but when I went around them for the first time my memory was jogged. Or our conversations would cause me to think/remember stuff. Or I feel like I’ve met them before. Why do you ask?


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