The Blindness

Have you ever been so focused that you would not allow anything to deter you from your goal or destination? Have you ever felt that adrenaline rush, and then the slow-crawling what-the-fuck feeling once you arrived to your end point? It’s like, you always knew you would get there…but for some reason the reality of it all chokes you, overwhelms you, and you realize that you don’t know what the fuck to do. You are in new territory, everything is new. It is like being a baby all over again. Change is good, very good. Needed. But it can be scary, huh? There’s no need for fear. Live in Love. Not being able to see anything ahead of you, whichever way you look, can be even scarier. That is a good thing though. Honestly. These blind moments remind you that, hey, you have to use your Light of Faith. You got this far, what makes you think this is it?



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