Farewell Gifts Spark Inspiration

I am such a lucky person to have anyone see me off to Italy today. I was in such a rush to make it to my gate that I did not have a long chance to look at my gifts. My former coworker and friend Tammy, along with one of my former students, Yared, bought me these cute little trinkets. Here I am sitting in a plane reading the heartwarming and tear jerking messages they wrote on the inside cover of this cute little book. They obviously know me so well! I love to follow my dreams and I harp about it to everyone any chance I get. And I hardly take nos and don’t care what anyone thinks when I tell them my hopes and dreams. I know what I want and I am always going to go after it, unless it is not meant for me – then I completely understand that there will be other purposes and dreams.

This book has very short, inspirational messages about following your dreams, so in honor of this whole theme I will post  a picture of each message everyday until I reach the end. I found the quotes moving and inspirational, so I want to share it with everyone.

Thank you, Tammy and Yared, I love you both!!

(And of course I love you too, Serena, just because you didn’t buy me a farewell gift doesn’t mean I won’t give you a shout out ;)) That’s my sister, everybody. She took me to the airport and helped me pack my bags last night. (Thank God, because my room was a disaster!)

In Love & Light,

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