The Surrender

♥♥♥ Honestly my favorite part in my bikram yoga class is in my surrendering state – my back flat on the mat, palms facing up, heels together but relaxed. In this posture I am surrendering to the Universe and embracing all that is. My mind is still as the heat engulfs me. My heart beat eventually slows and I feel so at peace, so in union with everything. Here, in this place where Time is no longer a concept, I meet with the Source. With my guides. And we communicate Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. Spirit to Spirit. ♥♥♥


[P.S. This picture reminded me of this for some reason; perhaps because she looks so at peace and in a surrendering state of being.]

2 thoughts on “The Surrender

  1. Pree Shruti says:

    loved it trins… its my favorite pose too… but in savasana usually the legs and arms are at the mats edges… but soooooo nice. and lovely dreams!

    (also remember shoulder blades flat on the ground!)




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