Stop Running

Physically running away from emotions/thoughts (anything you feel internally) won’t get rid of what troubles you. It will only distract you for awhile. Pretty beaches. Parties. New lovers. New clothes. Road trips. Drugs. All distractions if secretly you are hoping your internal turmoil will magically disappear. If you feel uncomfortable now.. as in you feel these “negative” emotions (i.e. sad, depressed, lonely, confused, angry, etc.) that is good, because it’s coming to the surface FOR you to deal with it. You feel it, you recognize it, therefore you are AWARE of it. Be brave – – face it head on. Figure out why you feel these things and pray for healing and solutions. Answers always come. You just have to be patient and be aware/listen.

I pray that you search and find the healing you need. I pray that you are open to the answers waiting for you. Seek and ye shall find. May peace be with you, forever and always. Namaste.


I don’t talk (nor write) to hear myself, or flap my lips or move my fingers to the point of near-tendinitis just for the hell of it. I write what I know. I write what I’ve experienced. And I write what I feel. I want my life to be a message, a beacon of light. Hope. Inspiration. So I pray this post helps at least one person!

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