Are You Ready for the Road Less Traveled?

You know you are special. You know you are different – you have felt it since childhood or in the past few years. Some people find you odd, weird, a hippy perhaps, or eccentric. You know who you are…what you are. Don’t you think it is time you embrace and accept your Self? Don’t you think it is time for you to Wake Up and stop fighting the Truth, and instead begin spreading the Truth? If you understand my words then you know this was meant for you. It’s time to wake up, stand up, embrace your Purpose and spread your Light. It is time to raise consciousness. After all, who are you truly living for?

In Love & Light,

3 thoughts on “Are You Ready for the Road Less Traveled?

  1. Egypt English says:

    Reblogged this on ToBreakEvery … …Chain and commented:
    Today was a phenomenal day, which only added to a phenomenal week. I learned so much this week: all of which has made me perfectly ready for the sunny days and the storms that are predestined to come! I laughed and I cried all week, and I learned to LIVE and not to question my walk with God, not feel forced into explaining my faith, and to simply cherish LIFE and all of its beautiful and quirky moments!!! So much love goes out to my fellow Lightworkers. Thanks T.O for all of your encouragement and your beautiful soul!!!!

    Peace & Love

    Egypt E.


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