Zombies in Chicago

Zombies in Chicago

That is my goofy sister in the middle.

By Trina Otero

It’s cold. A stupid cold for the month of March, and the wind is nippy. I guess that’s why they call it The Windy City. BUT the sun is so brilliant and the birds are singing their hearts out to the city folk. Everywhere I look I see amazing, beautiful people – different faces, skin tones, fashion, and ethnicities. Just so beautiful. Right by Union Station there is a bustle, a never-ending traffic flow of people, but no one is really smiling. I stand here in my bright turquoise jacket [a contrast against the few gray clouds in the sky] with a small cup of chai in one hand and a huge grin on my face. But no one is smiling back. They all seem asleep with their eyes open. Zombies.

When I cross the street with a large crowd, I feel like I’m amidst a humongous, yet completely silent, herd of animals. No one laughs or looks over to the left or right. Straight-shot forward, cell phones or mp3 players in their hands. Faces looking at the ground, some chins buried in scarves. I leave the cattle to descend below. As I wait for the metro to whisk me off to O’hare airport, I look around in excitement. Metro rides are fun! Well, to me at least. And I hear a musician a few yards away jamming out on his electric guitar. It was awesome. So…. Why do I feel alone in this underground world? I don’t hear any chatter or laughter, yet there are people idly waiting for the metro along with me.

The sound waves of the electric guitar bounce off the subterranean walls. The musician lets his love flow freely from his fingertips to the strings, vibrating out into the cold air. He plays on and on, a smile on his face, his shoulder-length blonde hair swaying as he bobs his head. He’s alive! He plays his guitar to wake up the bystanders but they are in an electronic trance. Their heads are bent, zoned into their devices, with grim faces. It feels as if I’m the only one who can see the musician playing like a bad ass.

Wake up! Wake up! But they fail to hear the magic.



7 thoughts on “Zombies in Chicago

  1. shelby says:

    Ay de mi trina, I thought I was the only one who felt like this! I often find myself feeling like a creep when travelling b/c i almost drag the conversation out of people. I treat every situation as a classroom and learning oppurtunity, and it pisses me off when the “teacher” doesnt want to open up the forum of discussion! We are all cosmically linked together in some form or fashion, so we may as well embrace it and at least say hi or something, good grief! *ends rant* lol


    • akosmopolite says:

      Lol im actually relieved and surprised to hear this from you. I know it’s been years.. Many years, and we have gone down our separate paths, but it seems we have learned some of the same lessons. That’s awesome 🙂 I agree, totally. Every single person we come in contact with is for a reason!


      • shelby says:

        What you have said is so true. Life anazes me, and I have formed such a bond with your blogs because it js almost like reading into some of my own deep thoughts that i chose to keep bottled in, and as I read your posts, Im like “Wait, i was just saying this same thing! And I have come to find that every encounter is of some type of purpose, regardless of how insignificant or grandeur it may appear, such as me reading this blog site at this moment. Timing is everything, the universe has allowed me to witness this firsthand, and i am a thinker, and i always “what if” situations, like what if i was walking two paces faster than what i was walking, or what if i would have passed up that person instead of smiling and saying hello, etc etc. At this moment, my “what if” is what if i would have stumbled on this blogsite before my spirit was waken up a couple of weeks ago, and also if i did, then would I have fully embraced it like i am now, or would i have been moreso judgemental because i didnt fully understand the magnitude of seemingly insignificant events? I cant explain it, I am just so overwhelmed by how the world works, and instead of working myself up in trying to figure out the whats and whys, I am just in a place now where i welcome whatever comes my way, and trust that each situation i encounter has some sort of divine purpose. 🙂 Sorry this is so long, I could go on and on and on about this topic 🙂


      • akosmopolite says:

        Omg this is awesome!!!!!!!! And I understand what you are saying, yes, it is all about timing and this was your perfect timing to read this and actually understand. You’re ready. You are awake 😀 trust me there are ALOT of us out here, it’s amazing and beautiful. I have a bigger family than I could have ever imagined 😀 and we are here to help one another along in our spiritual journeys! So don’t hesitate to ask questions!!!


      • akosmopolite says:

        Oh, and I’m very honored and grateful that God chose me to share my stories just so you could read them and be receptive!!! I feel and understand that my purpose is happening, and I love that.


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