My Skin Healing Journey Pt. II

By Trina Otero

Last month I wrote about the skin issues I have had for the past few years. I gave a run down of [ineffective] products I tried, the lifestyle changes I made, and the recent all natural approach I decided to take. To get a clear idea of how bad my adult acne was and to see a list of the all natural products I currently use, you can read My Skin Healing Journey Pt. I.

It has been almost two full months since that first post, and I apologize. I have been pretty busy with my wonderful new job as a middle school ESL [English as a Second Language] Tutor, but let me put a cork in my rambling and tell you about the results I have had thus far! As I mentioned in my first post, I immediately noticed a difference in my skin the first weekend I used the new products. I was also very excited to try the bentonite clay mask. Now I look forward to my weekly clay mask treatments, because I love the way my skin looks and feels afterwards. Let me forewarn you that your skin will be a bit on the bright-red side immediately after taking the clay off your face, but hours later [and the next day] you will see a significant difference. I believe the reason for the reddening is because as the clay begins to harden it starts to pull on the skin and also begins to pull out toxins. The mask detoxes, tightens, and smooths the skin.

I actually love my skin care regimen. Initially, I thought it would be tedious, but I realized it was nice to spend extra time on myself. I also began to look at myself [my face] more often and pay more attention and TLC to my skin. Slowly, I found myself kinda talking to myself, well my skin, while I go through each step. Remember, the steps are:

  • Cleanse 2x a day
  • Tone 2x a day
  • Spot treatment as needed
  • Moisturize 2x a day
  • Exfoliate 2x a week [for sensitive skin]
  • Clay mask once a week

This is the logic behind talking to my skin, jajaja [do you dig my “Spanish” laughs? ;)] — I am going through a physical healing journey this year, and like any type of healing you must be gentle and soothe yourself as you work through the process. During my spiritual healing last year, I had to talk myself through painful memories, confusing emotions, and I did a lot of praying and meditation. So, why should it be any different now that it’s a physical healing journey? I don’t think it should be different at all! So, I have grown accustomed to greeting myself every time I look in the mirror with, “Hello, Beautiful!” and I walk my skin through each process. I tell my skin what each product is and what it is made of and how it will help to heal it. I know and believe that my body is full of energy [I am made of atoms, am I not?]; therefore, my skin cells are full of energy. So my goal is to encourage my skin cells each day to rejuvenate and vibrate with life and radiance! 🙂 Hey, this technique works for me and makes me feel good.

Another thing I tried that actually helped my skin tremendously was fasting. It was the Daniel’s fast – a vegan diet that lasted three weeks. I did not choose to do the fast because of my skin, this was actually a choice for my spiritual life but it just so happened to tie in with the physical goals I have. The Daniel’s fast restricts meats, dairy, processed foods….basically I could not eat anything unless it was a vegetable, fruit, or natural ingredient. This eliminated many foods that I had never considered to be “unhealthy,” and during those three weeks I noticed a change within my body [I lost some weight and some roundness in my face] and my skin also changed. I liked the Daniel’s fast so much that I still have a daily diet similar to it. I do not drink cow milk [I was NEVER a fan anyways], I now use almond milk which actually has more nutrients than cow milk. I stay away from sugars – I use honey to sweeten tea and coffee and I only eat organic chocolate. The fast also helped nudge me into buying fresh food [produce] and eating a variety of food so that my body gets the nutrients it needs.

While my improved diet and natural skin care has had lovely and positive effects on my skin, I was still wondering why I was experiencing random breakouts. The breakouts were not everyday, like I said they were random. To me this means my body is telling me something. I have been under the impression for a while now that there is a huge imbalance in my body even though I am living a much healthier life than I was a few years ago. So I decided to visit Two Feathers, an iridologist, and she confirmed my suspicions. I learned more than I expected to hear about my health [or lack thereof jaja], but I am so glad I visited her because now I know what I need to tackle internally. In my next post I will give you some details about the visit and more updates on my skin healing. I will let you know that right now I am detoxing my liver, lymphatic system, and my intestines.

***If you live in the Kentuckiana area, here is the information for Two Feathers, who is the iridologist I visited.

Creekside Outpost

614 Hausfieldt Lane
New Albany, Indiana 47150
(812) 948-9118

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5 thoughts on “My Skin Healing Journey Pt. II

  1. Chloe Johnstone says:

    Thank you for this! I’m on a similar journey, and I too have an instinct that there is a serious imbalance in my general health. Would love to know how you are doing now! Is there a part 3??

    in peace and health,

    Chloe (from New Zealand)


    • akosmopolite says:

      Thank you so much for reading! There’s totally a Part 3,I’ve just been so busy with work these past few months, but I’m now on summer break. So that means time to write!!!! 🙂 I’m so happy this could help you, and I’d love to hear of anything that helped you. Just like spiritual journeys, I feel like I can walk with others in my physical healing journey :). ❤ I'll be writing the third part very soon, maybe this week!


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