Got Any Travel Tips for My Adventures in Italy?

By Trina Otero

So mi gente, I’m off to Italy in June [inshallah]! I am in the middle of planning a project that will incorporate this blog [can’t give away the surprise just yet], and I have a friend already in Italy scoping out areas for us.

But I am still hoping to hear suggestions from fellow travelers and Italy natives. I always have questions, so here are some:

  1. Will my passport suffice if I want to travel to neighboring countries? I will be abroad from June til the end of July.
  2. Which neighboring countries do you suggest I visit?
  3. Where are some awesome, beautiful, hidden spots?
  4. Tell me about the foodporn there — give me the names of some of the most amazing dishes! Please.. 🙂
  5. How painful/boring is the plane ride from the US to Italy?
  6. Do you prefer certain airlines? If so, which are they?
  7. Are there any sources or books I should check out before leaving?
  8. I can understand a decent amount of Italian because it is so similar to Spanish, but will Italians understand me if I speak to them in Spanish?’s worth a try! 🙂
  9. Any safety tips?
  10. What are some awesome Italian words or phrases I should know?
  11. What are some Italian words I should steer clear from? [Words that are offensive.]
  12. Are there any hand gestures or body language that I should be aware of, so as not to offend anyone?
  13. Know of any safe, decent hostels two young women can stay at while trekking around Italy?
  14. Have any transportation tips or suggestions?

I appreciate any and all travel tips! In return, I will share my adventures with you. Which you will LOVE, I hope :). ~Namaste~

2 thoughts on “Got Any Travel Tips for My Adventures in Italy?

  1. Anma says:

    Don’t go!!!!! U sound so stupid, Italians will see u coming a mile away and rip u off in everyway they can!!!! Hang on to ur namaste bullshit that’s u got.

    Americans just piss me off, ur going to Italy, not a third world country, and there’ll be loads of other clueless US citizens looking for a thrilling adventure.


    Here’s a real tip though: if u go to Europe drop the happy positive attitude. Europeans will eat u up. And NO Italians DON’T understand Spanish!!!!! Duh!!!!

    Good luck ur gonna need it. I hope for ur sake ur as young as u actually sound.


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