11:11 Wishes

By Trina Otero

Exactly one year ago (11.11.11) I made a wish at 11:11 p.m. With harnessed optimism and excitement, I sat on my favorite red sofa in my midtown Indianapolis apartment, closed my eyes and allowed my mind to stand still. Then I made my wish. I prayed for spiritual growth, to be filled with Love, so much Love that it burst out of me like Light. I made this wish two weeks after meeting a new friend and having an enlightening conversation about the tumultuous relationship I was in at the time. (You can read about that here). I honored myself and ended my relationship after that conversation, and I decided I needed to “find myself” – I needed to rediscover the happiness I once knew. I needed to return to my core.

To do this, I felt like I needed to find the path I once walked – the path of Love. I needed to find this path and search fervently for my God, my soul, my Self. The only way was through Love. And I knew once I reached Love, that it’d be infectious and others would want the very same Love & Joy; after all, I desired this very thing after I encountered loving people full of Light.

After wishful thinking on this magical night, which is said to be full of good vibration energy, I embarked on a spiritual journey…a journey I am still trekking. But I must tell you, I’m super excited because my wish DID come true! And it continues to come true. 🙂

Keeping with tradition, and in faith that this night is truly magical, I made another wish at 11:11 p.m. tonight. I am excited to see what (and who) Life will bring within the next year! 🙂

Paz y amor my friends,


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