Sole Stories

By Trina Otero

As weird as this sounds I am going to admit I don’t like to shop for clothes. When I do shop I always make an effort to find a diamond in the rough, a treasure. So imagine my mood when my bestie Paola dragged me all over Louisville on Black Friday. I didn’t really care for the crowds or the overstuffed racks with discount signs, but I’m glad I endured the madness because our visit to Macy’s forever changed my life. That day I found a colorful, plaid pair of Rocket Dog street sport shoes – and I fell in love!

Five years later I still own those Rocket Dog shoes, and yes, I am still very much in love with them.  Two past boyfriends have professed their hatred for my Rocket Dogs, and to my sister they are “them ol’ things.”  And let’s not forget the how-do-I-say-this-nicely comments from my friends.  They say, “Oh! You are wearing those shoes.”  Well, sorry guys, but those Rocket Dogs aren’t going anywhere!  Not only are they the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, but those well-worn soles have many stories to tell.

I sported my Rocket Dogs in the summer of 2008 when I climbed pyramids for the first time in my life – the Sun and Moon Pyramids in Teotihuacán, Mexico.

Sitting at the top of La Pirámide del Sol (Pyramid of the Sun) in Teotihuacán, Mexico.

Walking down a smaller pyramid.

In the fall of 2008, I skipped class, stood in the drizzling rain, and walked through sticky mud to hear Barack Obama speak at the Indianapolis State Fairgrounds.

My friends & I stood in sticky mud just to hear Barack Obama speak.

We were happy to be together on that humid, gray day!

Barack Obama speaking to the enormous and excited crowd in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We felt very empowered and united after the Barack Obama rally.

I had on my Rocket Dogs at a 2008 presidential election party on my campus.  My friend Davinia and I sat very close to the TV, and when news anchors announced Obama’s victory, we raced downtown to see if anyone was celebrating. And guess what? People were!

Davinia & I at the party on campus. You can’t see my feet, but my Rocket Dogs were there!

Davinia & I jumping in the streets of downtown Indianapolis. (Sorry, I know the picture is not top quality.)

We joined a group of strangers downtown to pose for a memorable picture.

My Rocket Dogs and I had memorable experiences in 2008, so can you imagine what ground those soles have covered since then?  Those shoes have sentimental and significant value to me, and I don’t care if there are some holes on the inside or if the bottom of the soles are starting to crack. I will continue to wear them. Plus, they match almost everything in my closet! ☺

4 thoughts on “Sole Stories

  1. NinjaPree says:

    I LOVED THIS piece!!! and i loved the pictures and i love the stories those shoes will now tell! ❤

    i also now know we are Sole sisters!


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