When in Doubt – Accept the Challenge!

By Trina Otero

::Travel into the unknown and challenge yourself::

Today I found a job ad on Craiglist for a company who needs a Java developer, and my brother, who has a B.S. in Computer Science, was the first person I thought of. I saw the list of qualifications mentioned and I figured he would be perfect for the job; after all, he had created various applications [including an iPhone app] for past class assignments. I emailed the ad posting to him and I was too excited to wait, so I sent him a text to speed up the process. He seemed intrigued until I mentioned the pay rate [which sounded amazing by the way]. His exact words were, “Wow. Sure I’m not qualified for that.”

I was confused. After questioning him further I discovered he thought he did not have enough experience. I assured him he was qualified and told him to apply – even if he didn’t know how to do something. The challenge would push him to learn and figure it out. Some of my professors at the School of Journalism have told me to apply for job opportunities even if I am not sure how to do all the duties or if I do not meet all the qualifications. And they are right. I have worked at places I never would have imagined had I not listened to their advice – and I wouldn’t know what I know now nor would I have my current skill sets.

Question – Why do so many of us doubt ourselves?

Some of us have invested time and money into obtaining an education, and although we may have focused primarily on one or two subjects, we learned other skills along the way. And when it comes to applying for jobs we shortchange ourselves. We don’t give ourselves the credit that we have the ability to learn something new.

This goes beyond education and jobs – I bet there were opportunities we allowed to slip by because we felt under-qualified. So why do this to ourselves? How can we learn and succeed at anything if we don’t travel into unknown territory? If we don’t, we remain stagnant and complacent.

Don’t you want to finally learn how to cook lasagna?

What about those paint brushes you keep staring at each time you are in the craft store?

Don’t you want to understand how to use Twitter?

Don’t you still daydream about that killer job that requires a degree different from the one on your diploma?

How about that guy you keep bumping into?

Let’s stop underestimating ourselves. Quit doubting and, instead, accept the challenge!

2 thoughts on “When in Doubt – Accept the Challenge!

  1. Chris says:

    I really like this particular blog. I feel I am capable of doing anything. but when certain jobs come up I tend to have doubt. not that that I am going to fail , but doubt that I am going to mess up some way. I lower my value before even trying sometimes. Almost like quitting before even trying. It isnt always like this but sometimes. In reality I need to just accept the challenge sometimes. I am in this particular stage right now, not knowing what my next move should be.. I need to get back to my risk taking self and take a chance again.. see what else the worl has to offer.


    • akosmopolite says:

      Hi Chris! Thanks so much for commenting :). I advise you to never let fear get in the way…remember your tattoo! ^_^ Even if you do mess up……all you have to do is redo it again, and do it better! Thanks for reading and sharing. -T


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