Bienvenidos [Welcome] to My Blog!

I am a diverse, young woman who traveled the first ten years of my life. Because of this I am now a bit of a nomad at heart. I have a deep curiosity and love for religions, cultures, music, languages, diverse food & cooking. Writing is my passion!

In May of 2011 I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis [IUPUI], and I minored in religious studies and international studies. I wish I could be a lifetime scholar and study at various schools for the rest of my life, but unfortunately tuition and bills are a huge reality, right? But during my time at IUPUI I received a wonderful education and I had colorful experiences.

Since I have no fear of being inquisitive I have learned a great deal from people and experiences. I seem to know a little bit about [almost] everything, and I realized everything — and everyone — has a story to tell.

That is why this blog is called Akosmopolite – I am a citizen of the world, of the cosmos. I am very comfortable in different cultures and settings, and I adapt quickly. I embrace multiculturalism and I want to capture different facets of the world around me in my blog. Akosmopolite will cover topics about religion, spirituality, food, cooking, music, communities, people, relationships [[gasps!]] and the list goes on…and on.

I truly believe there is something here for everyone.


Trina Otero

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