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Welcome to a sacred space of inspiration, empowerment, healing, and expansion! Roam away at your heart’s desire. ❤ I pray there is a nugget of Truth that will enlighten your mind, warm your heart, and spark your soul. – T.O.

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“I can’t thank Trina enough for the pranic healing she did on me while I was in pre-labour. This was a distant healing as Trina is based in the USA and I am in Perth, Western Australia. I was feeling quite anxious due to the very traumatic birth of my first child. Trina was able to see and cut a lot of cords for me which made me feel as if a huge weight had been lifted. She did a general clearing of my aura and chakras and a little bit of energisation if I remember correctly. I was 3 centimeters dilated when I arrived at the hospital for my induction (induction for medical reasons). I was fairly relaxed, not so anxious and I was able to make it through the majority of my 5 hour labour without pain relief. I did use the gas in the last 20 minutes. My little boy arrived so quickly and was healthy. I am so grateful for the part Trina played in this trauma healing birth that I was able to have. I was diagnosed with PTSD [post traumatic stress disorder] after my first birth and I am happy to report that this birth had a healing effect mentally. Thank you Trina, Namaste 🙏”

Louise, Pranic Healer & Master Angel Practitioner, Perth, Australia

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“I received a reading from Trina a few months ago in a time where clarity was much needed. I was having trouble identifying the source of emotional reaction to a situation I was in. Through her reading and open energy I was able to find an energetic wound that was triggered from my past. After that interaction the weight was lifted and I was able to begin healing. Trina has provided validation, clarity and divine support through all of our encounters.”

Carli Ann, Artist, Colorado